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The Essential Gear bag for travel, sport, shopping and leisure.
Andrew Slorance

The two bag system clips together and then clips to your chair so moving cabin and hold luggage at the same time is easy.  Unstoppable takes all the weight so your chair won’t tip back.

Un-compromised agility, turn 360° on the spot and wheelie.

The Unstoppable gear bag protects your gear in travel, sport, shopping and leisure.  When fitted with an optional foam infill it becomes a large capacity protective case for cameras, and other fragile kit.   With a pull out handle Unstoppable is for everyone, select with or without wheelchair compatibility at check out.

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Phoenix Instinct, for those who never succumb to adversity.

“Through Phoenix Instinct i’m turning  my experience and solutions of 34 years using a wheelchair into life changing products. The Unstoppable Gear bag overcomes the difficulties of moving heavy bags while pushing a chair.  Once you have experienced how easy moving your gear can be you will never look back. Those not using wheelchairs can use the pull-out handle to experience the most manoeuvrable bag set ever designed.”

Andrew Slorance
CEO Phoenix Instinct

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Hands Free Carrying

Hands free carrying has never been so easy. Use the Unstoppable gear bag for travelling, shopping, camping, sport. For moving sensitive equipment such as cameras and telescopes use with optional foam infill.

Unrestricted Movement

The patent pending design will ensure your chair remains stable and agile even retaining your ability to wheelie over obstacles. Despite heavy loads The Unstoppable Gear bag set will not make your chair tippy.

Easy To Use

Clip and go connectivity means you can be on the go in seconds.  Most rigid frame wheelchairs with straight backrest bars are compatible inc Ti-Lite, RGK, Quickie, Panthera.  See our compatibility page for more details.

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The agility of your wheelchair is maintained because the Unstoppable gear bag carries all the weight so your wheelchair won’t become tippy when a heavy bag attached. The patent pending design means you can still wheelie your chair so getting over bumps and obstacles is easy. The large wheels allow you to roll backwards over elevator door runners and similar obstacles without difficulty and turning on the spot is easy.  Unstoppable does not act like a trailer it won’t get caught up when you go backwards.


Connecting and disconnecting is easy and can be done by the wheelchair user without assistance. No modifications to your wheelchair are required and no tools needed.

Intended to connect to rigid frame lightweight wheelchairs with a backrest bar. For ease of use the back bar should be straight made from round tubing. However, we are developing adapters for chairs with oval and curved backrest bars and will be bringing out an adapter for folding chairs. Please register your details to receive updates for these.

Check our compatibility guide for supported types of wheelchairs.


The easy access top loading pocket means you can load items into the bag while seated in the wheelchair. Such easy access into the bag makes Unstoppable perfect for loading and transporting your shopping.


Most luggage bags have large loop handles for easy reach and lift when standing up. But when sitting down large loop handles mean lifting your arm above shoulder height to put a bag on your lap and this is difficult if the bag is heavy.

The Unstoppable gear bag has tight fitting handles with no slack or excess loop so lifting is made a lot easier.


  • Unique Omni Wheels for 360o turning capability
  • Better forward rolling, easier over obstacles
  • Transport your hold and cabin luggage in one unit
  • Padded Robust Construction to protect contents
  • Patent Pending Wheelchair Compatibility
  • Fit with optional foam infill for carrying fragile gear


When fitted with the optional foam infill Unstoppable becomes a large capacity protective case for your tech. The foam is made up of small pre-formed cubes joined together. By removing cubes you create a shape that fits your gear perfectly. Great for cameras, lenses, telescopes, laptops etc. The foam can easily be put in and taken out as required so your gear bag is truly multi-purpose.


With a 118L capacity, 81L in the main bag and a further 37L in the backpack there’s plenty of room and space for your laptop and tablet. Independent wheelchair travel has never been easier.

Compatible as standard with a wide range of rigid frame wheelchair designs. For customers with individual requirements our in-house design and manufacturing capability may be able to create the fitting that you need for your wheelchair.

We are committed to making the Unstoppable gear bag set compatible for everyone. If you are unsure if Unstoppable will fit your chair contact us to find out.

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About Andrew @andrewslorance

Andrew, a wheelchair users since a spinal injury aged 14, understands the daily challenges that require unstoppable and infinite resilience.

An accomplished product designer Andrew’s designs have been exhibited in the London Design Museum, his work designing the Carbon Black wheelchair has been recognised worldwide.

In his most recent work Andrew solves the task of moving luggage and awkward objects independently while pushing a wheelchair.

The Unstoppable gear bag set is the first in a new line of innovative products from Andrew’s development studio aimed at facilitating independence for wheelchair users.

With a background in broadcast, Andrew’s television directing, editing and presenting has been screened internationally.

Andrew can be contacted for private design commissions, speaking and media engagements via our email. Please use the contact form to register your interest in the Unstoppable gear bag set.

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